New V2.3 NAUTEEK firmware upgrade available for SC devices

7th of October

Download and install the new V2.3 NAUTEEK firmware upgrade corresponding to your SC device and use the benefits of the new ’’All in 1’’ free NAUTEEK suite software. Only one software to use now to do everything you need with your speedo compass SC device as downloading GPS tracks, managing your waypoints, upgrading your fimware and fixing advanced settings as magnetic declination with our new intuitive SC configuration pannel.

Direct link to the 3rd NAUTEEK newsletter : here

Go direct to our Downloads page and get for free your last firmware upgrade and user manual : click here

NAUTEEK recommends TCReplay to post replays online

15th of September

Replay regatta, it's great.

Share it with training partners to efficiently debrief, it's better.

Replay and share regatta or training session using a simple, interactive and smart interface, it's ideal.

This interactive service is now available online for a very attractive price.

And your dream comes true !

NAUTEEK recommends to use the new innovative TCReplay 3D interface from KaliBee to replay races files extracted from a NAUTEEK SC device and share them online!

-Recommended softwares to read tracks and a great video of TCReplay online!

-More details about TC Replay!

-Try for free TC Replay 3D and get addicted!

2 French silver medallists using NAUTEEK SC200

14th of September 2008

Congratulations to Damien SEGUIN, silver medallist in 2.4mR and to the Bruno JOURDREN, Herve LARHANT and Nicolas VIMONT-VICARY team for their second place in Sonar!

the official web site of the Paralympis Games

the web site of Damien Seguin who sail with Nauteek from July 2007

Paralympic Games starting soon

3rd of September 2008

Beijing Paralympic Games 2008 are starting at the end of this week. Follow with us the games and the sailing in Qingdao which will start on Monday, the 8th. We will particulary follow Damien Seguin in 2.4mR racing with Nauteek SC200 and Bruno Jourdren and his crew training with Nauteek SC200 and sailing in Sonar!

the official web site of the Paralympis Games

the web site of Damien Seguin who sail with Nauteek from July 2007

NAUTEEK SC devices in exhibition at the Grand Pavois 2008 boat show.

3rd of September 2008

If you are in La Rochelle, France for the Grand Pavois boat show, come and meet us there. Our products will be presented by Uship and by Proust-sailing the sailingbox.

NAUTEEK SC device : the best tool for long distance races on sport catamarans.

2nd of September 2008

Some skippers tested it and every of them had the same feedback : the new firmware upgrade with the new innovative ’’direction to waypoint’’ feature is so helpful when sailing fast on F18! The best way to be addicted to the NAUTEEK SC device is to test it as Bruno Peyron this week end during the long distance race in F18.

J80 : Pornic J CUP.

26th of August 2008

Really good last day of championship for Sylvain PELISSIER and his NAUTEEK SC200, who finish the Pornic J CUP with a sunny weather and a nice 12 knots. Congratulations to Paul CHIRON on JULES who wins the CUP.

-All the results.


F18 : Raid Bleu Normandie 2008.

19th of August 2008

Gurvan Bontemps and Mathieu Marfaing, sail on long istance races with a NAUTEEK SC200. Congratulations to them who win the international Raid Bleu Normandie. The route and waypoints feature allowed them to constantly keep an eye on the course to follow and helped them to make the good tactical choices!

Nice third place of Yvan Bourgnon, Djamina Houdet Cazeneuve and their NAUTEEK SC100!

-Results and pictures.

Raid Maroc Aventures.

8th of August 2008

Gurvan Bontemps and Mathieu Marfaing finish at the third place with their NAUTEEK SC200!

Congratulations to Moana Vaireaux and Romain Petit, winners, followed by Jean-Christophe Mourniac and Franck Citeau!

-Results and pictures.

F18 World Championship.

8th of July 2008

The F18 World Championship started yesterday in Nigran, Spain! 132 cats are there among the best team of the world the show will go on!


French Team Kalix - NAUTEEK wins Archipelago Raid 08

19th of june 2008

Team KALIX-NAUTEEK was leading the Archipelago Raid from the beginning!

the web site of the Archipelago Raid with all results, news and picture

’’We have been preparing a lot for the Archipelago Raid this year. Romain trained one month entirely for the raid!’’ said Eric Proust on finally winning, and sums up the race as ’’difficult, superb, and unique’’

Congratulations to Eric and Romain! Good job! The Nauteek team is proud of you! What an amazing race!

Eric and Romain have raced the full raid with a NAUTEEK device on board!

A nice picture of Team Kalix- Nauteek

Archipelago Raid : The French duo on Team Kalix - NAUTEEK is still in the lead!

18th of june 2008

Team KALIX-NAUTEEK leads the Archipelago Raid since the beginning!

the web site of the Archipelago Raid

Press release on XSRACING posted on 2008-06-16

As Eric and Romain from Team KALIX-NAUTEEK, sail faster with your NAUTEEK!

Switzerland : The M2 multihull Magic Karma finished 6th with 2 NAUTEEK SC200!

16th of June 2008

The famous BOL D’OR race took place last week-end in Switzerland on the Leman lake! The M2 Magic Karma finished 6th and 2nd M2!

Download the full track of Magic Karma and read it!

Just uncompress the file and click on the BOLDOR.htm file.

Great race and more than 16 knots max speed!

The Archipelago Raid is starting : the teams are ready to rock!

13th of june 2008

NAUTEEK, is partner of the French team KALIX, which starts today the amazing Archipelago Raid

the web site of the Archipelago Raid and a picture of the French boat

Team One Design Center is also using a SC200!

Here is a comment of Eric Proust and Romain Motteau // TEAM KALIX NAUTEEK (several previous podiums): ’’ We are ready, impatient to go and to finish! Our objective: Stockholm, in six days...’’

Follow with us this beautiful race!

Nauteek Electronics : partner of the Open 5.70 class for the Long Beach race week

12th of June 2008

June 27-29, 2008 : the Long Beach race week is three days of fun racing and post race parties.

Nauteek will be partner of the Open 5.70 West Coast Championship.

Come and see our NAUTEEK SC200 device there! You will see how well it will fit on your Open 5.70, Melges 24, J/80, J/29, Flying Tiger 10, Cal 25’s and how its innovative features will help you to sail faster!

Even on larger boats you will easely understand the benefits of our tactical compass, VMG calculator and our reliable distance to the starting line information!

Race documents and entry form here.

More information on the Open 5.70 web site!

Switzerland : a good Genève Rolle for the Nauteek devices!

10th of June 2008

Results of the multihulls equipped with Nauteek devices:

2nd, on D35 with 1 SC200 : Cadence

3rd, on D35 with 1 SC200 : Julius Baer

5th and first M2 with 2 SC200 and 1 SC100 : Magic Karma

7th on M2 with 1 SC200 : Banque Héritage

A picture of the start, where we can see the M2 taking the two better starts thanks to the information given by their SC200!

Fabien DELAHAYE and his NAUTEEK SC200 wins the Deauville'week.

2nd of June 2008

Fabien DELAHAYE, the skipper of the Open 750 Port de Caen Ouistreham, wins the Deauville's week with his SC200 among the sportboats!

Congratulations to him!

Melges 24 World Championship

1st of June 2008

First race day for the Melges 24 Worlds 208 in Porto Cervo, Italy, follow in live the race and the results of the NAUTEEK users on the web site!

BUG corrected - New firmware version 2.2 available for upgrade right now!

29th of May 2008

The new free firmware upgrade V2.2 for SC200 is right now available for download.

Go to our Download page right now and download the file here.

Just follow the instructions of our FAQ and enjoy!

Really sorry for the inconvenience.

BUG report on firmware version 2.1: we are now doing our best for you!

28th of May 2008

Thanks to one of our American user, we are now aware that our ’’cross-course to waypoint’’ had an issue in the firmware version V2.1 if the value for magnetic declination value is different from 0.

Please note that we are working to correct this bug and we will post on our download page a new corrected firmware version as soon as possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks a lot for your trust!

Catamarans - Long distance racing - Raid des 3 phares : what a nice race!

26th of May 2008

Since the waypoints and routes upgrade, the NAUTEEK SC200 is really the perfect tool for long distance racing around islands and fixed markers on sport catamarans

More than our existing users, really satisfied with their SC device, NAUTEEK proposed to serious racers to test in real conditions the pertinence of the SC.

All teams were really enthusiastic about the NAUTEEK device, easy to use, intuitive and so useful according their feedbacks. Our software, the waypoint manager, used just before the event, allows to load really quickly waypoints and routes in each devices. Everybody liked it!

The GPS track of the NAUTEEK team.

Picture of the boat of the NAUTEEK team.

Since the waypoints and routes upgrade, the NAUTEEK SC200 is really the perfect tool for long distance racing around islands and fixed markers on catamarans!

Windy and wet conditions on Saturday with 22 knots and large swell, 14knots decreasing to 6 knots on Sunday for the way back, this race was a success! Congratulations to Franck Cammas, who wins this long distance race and to Gurvan Bontemps, sponsored by NAUTEEK, who makes 2nd and who sails with a NAUTEEK device for 6 months.

5 NAUTEEK finished among the 10 first team! We are really proud of our users!

Here is his feedback (translated) : ’’Thanks again to NAUTEEK, we use the NAUTEEK speedo GPS compass on long distance races, the device is really great. We love it for its informations of Course, Speed and distance to the fixed markers! Now our future goals are the Dutch F18 national and the famous Texel Round...’’

Switzerland : M2 boats begin to choose the NAUTEEK SC200 as electronics

22th of May 2008


NAUTEEK SC 200 have been tested on the first M2 race. They were fixed on many boats as Team Work, Libra, Banque Heritage, Magic Karma… and have been really used in harsh conditions as you can see on this picture

Fabien Delahaye and his SC200 wins the ’Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale’

11th of May 2008

After 3 days of race and 9 races the team Open 750 Port de Caen Ouistreham lead by Fabien DELAHAYE, wins the 7th famous Grand Prix de l’Ecole Navale Get more info here:

The website of Fabien Delahaye who sails ever faster thanks to its NAUTEEK SC200, source Osmooz.

Francis Ferrari wins on BIM X2 the Raid of the Eurocat in C1

2th of May 2008

Francis and Philippe Thareau have sailed ever faster thanks to their NAUTEEK updated with the last firmware dealing with routes and waypoints! Congratulations to them!

Second place for Fabien Delahaye at the Open 7.50 French National

20th of April 2008

Fabien and his team finish at the thirth place... Congartulations to Fabien, one of our team sailor, testing and improving our news features for NAUTEEK SC200! Get more information here:

Fabien's website, from Osmooz.

Second place for Yvan Bourgnon at the first catamarans Raid of Ronces les Bains

20th of April 2008

24 catamarans, nice weather conditions, what a good raid! Congratulations to Yvan Bourgnon in F18, a famous NAUTEEK SC200 user who really appreciate the feature of our product!

Nice technical review on XSRACING!

4th of April 2008

Click on the following links to view the article: xsracing

Press Release on Yachting World.

3th of April 2008

Click on the following links to view the article:

- Yachting World magazine article, April 2008

30th SPI OUEST FRANCE at la trinité sur mer. A SC200 user wins on J80!

25th of mars 2008

Windy conditions and pretty bad weather for this last 30th SPI OUEST FRANCE!

Anyway more than 3000 racers have taken part to this famous race, nice time for every body! See you in 2009!

Please note the good results of some of our NAUTEEK users:

-Sylvain Pellissier and his crew win the SPI OUEST FRANCE 2008 on his J80 VOILERIE All PURPOSE among 78 boats.

-Team Port de Caen - Ouistreham, Fabien Delahaye and his crew finish 6th on Open 7.50 just behind L.Peyron, F.Cammas, F.Duthil, P.Bidegorry and Q.Ponroy.

The GPS Tracks of Port de Caen of race 1, 2 and 3.

Speed performances of the Open 7.50 Port de Caen on race 1.

-A.Herpreck and his crew finish 19th/65 in IRC5.

Full results, pictures and press release on : here.

Feel free to send us your race results!

Routes and GPS waypoints for the SPI OUEST FRANCE 2008

21th of mars 2008

Visit our Downloads page and download the routes of the Spi Ouest France 2008 full compliant with your Nauteek Waypoint Manager: here

The GPS positions have been clicked on a software, so please use them with care.

Feel free to send us your .nk files at, we will put them on line on Downloads to help you to share your data with other NAUTEEK SC users.

New firmware Version AVAILABLE for SC tactical speedo GPS compass

7th of March 2008

The new free firmware upgrade of our products is right now available for free download.

Please note also the new NAUTEEK WaypointManager PC freeware, a nice tool specially developped for you to save time for creating waypoints and routes for your next coastal races

Go to our Download page right now, and find on the same way the new user manuals here.

Next firmware version for tactical speedo compass GPS coming soon

29th of February 2008

The next free firmware upgrade of our products is coming soon and will be available before Middle of March.

New presentation for the SC200 with more visibility given to the main Menu, new short cuts, new timer synchronization and full waypoint and tracks management for both SC100 and SC200.

Serious races coming soon in France

27th of February 2008

Here is a short list about the French next serious races of March

-SPI OUEST France, the 30th, at la Trinité sur Mer from March the 20th to March the 24th 2008. You will find the Notice of Race :here.

-The Massilia Cup at Marseille from March the 7th to March the 9th, followed by the 43th SNIM, from March the 21th to March 24th : The NoR of the Massilia Cup: here and the NoR of the 43th SNIM : there.

-5th Spring Open Monotype at La Rochelle from March the 22th to March the 24th with Sport Boat Master tour. Download the NoR: here.

-5th Raid Iroise organized from March the 22th to March the 23th in Brest for F18 multihulls and INC. Download the NoR : here.

-The CATA CAP ATLANTIQUE for multihulls between 15 and 20 feet organized in La Baule/Le Pouliguen from March the 22th to the 24th mars. More information on: the CNBPP website.

Great comments from Arnaud Boissières

18th of february 2008

537 km far away from the Trinité sur mer, where the SPI OUEST FRANCE will take place from March the 20th to the 24th, famous sailors are training seriously in Arcachon!

Cali, alias Arnaud Boissières, skipper of the 60 feets Akena Verandas is also training in Winter on the small Akena Verandas, an Open 750!

JB Bitaly, owner of the Open 750 named Evinrude, sailed for the first time with its new SC100, and Cali tested one SC200 for the first time! On such a training, with speed tests, both skippers considered our devices as a great help!

In such light winds, the information of SPEED and VMG is really useful to be aware of boat speed decreasing period and allow the crew to react faster!

The GPS Track of Arnaud this last Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday allow to the Team NAUTEEK to keep on testing and validating the new Firmware with embedded waypoints and tracks. Even on triangular races, the new information about Waypoints looks really useful!

Follow the sailing project of Arnaud and his technical team on : Akena verandas web site.

NAUTEEK, partner of Fabien Delahaye on Port de Caen Ouistreham Open 750

18th of February 2008

Thanks to the technical partnership we find with him for 2008, Fabien, famous and serious racer on 470 and Open 750, gives us his technical feedback about our SC200. NAUTEEK needs to be close to such serious skipper to keep on testing and designing new innovative features on your devices.

Thanks to the feedback of our team : Damien Seguin, Bruno Jourdren, Fabien Delahaye.... and their comments your device is in continuous firmware development to propose you a better tactical speedo, easy to use and pertinent to race with it!

The next new firmware will also propose new short cuts for quick access to the starting line settings and a new timer synchronization to the closest full minutes.

The crew of the Port de Caen Ouistreham Open 750 took part to the 2nd training at la Trinité sur mer on last 8th and 9th of February.

Fabien Delahaye made a nice result thanks to good tactical decisions and the help of his SC200. He was directly sailing against famous skipper as Marc Guillemot or Pascal Bidegorry who are training on Open 750 either.

More information about the sailing project of Fabien and his crew on : web site.

J80 training on Crouesty.

06th of February

NAUTEEK was at Le Crouesty last Saturday and took part in a special J80 training dedicated to the starts.

After a technical analysis on morning, many trainings were proposed on the afternoon to work the following points:




-Ability to start fast


Get the distance of the boat from the starting line, get the time needed to launch its boat, get the distance we can sail on the last 30 seconds before the start, get the time needed for a tack for a gybe... All this information are easier to get with a SC200!

NAUTEEK proposed to different crews to test the distance to the starting line feature embedded in the SC200 and get a nice feedback!

The GPS tracks of our J80 sailing 10 knots back from the training area!

Match Racing at Pornichet.

28th of January 2008

NAUTEEK was at Pornichet last week end to take part to the Round Robin 1 of Match Racing - Atlantique area.

2 NAUTEEK SC, one SC100 and one SC200 have been used and installed on boats to record tracks in order to offer a new tool for post race analysis to the crews!

A match recorded on Saturday 3:50 PM.

A local racer from the APCC Voile Sportive, Jean Quéveau, wins this first round robin with 9 races win/10.

All the results: here.

Official American Importer appointed by NAUTEEK to distribute and market its range of innovative products

18th of December 2007

NAUTEEK has appointed Sailing Sportsboats to distribute and market its range of autonomous tactical instruments for cats, dinghies and sportboats in the USA.

Click here to download the original American press release from NAUTEEK.

Have a look to our distributors page here.

Next feature under development : NAUTEEK complete trips and waypoints management

December 2007

Handheld GPS tracers are really not the more convenient devices to use as onboard navigation instruments.
The standard tracer feature looks often really nice, comfortably sitted in a chair, but unfortunately not visible anymore onboard, because of the pitch and the roll of the boat.
Batteries life (it is worth to have spare only just for a week end of racing), waterproofness of the connectors or of the batteries compartment, no fixing possibilities, small screen, low contrast, small digits are the main drawbacks of these devices.

Moreover planning a race trip for your coastal race is often a hard time: on plenty of devices, the poor user interface sucks to create a waypoint, to rename it, to add a new trip....
So that most of the time anyone of us only use the GOTO function and keeps many of unnamed waypoint # 1, # 2 ... in the memory of our GPS, because nothing intuitive exists to manage our data!

Finally I don't have to explain you how painful it is to grab from your jacket your handheld GPS to check if you are sailing your best on the next waypoint. When you try to read it, then you are not concentrated to your genakersheet or your tiller!
Before NAUTEEK SC devices were available, every one of us was unfortunately used to do with.

We are soon finishing a hard technical development to integrate to your SC devices a full trips and waypoints management specifically dedicated to be used on coastal races.

Before the race :

Thanks to the Nauteek USB cable, similarly as you download tracks from your SC on your PC, you will be able to import/export all your waypoints and trips from your PC to your SC and so on.

The innovation comes from a really intuitive free software developed by our team (running only on PC for the moment) allowing you to deal with your waypoints and trips.
This software, thanks to the user interface of your PC keypad will offer you the opportunity to easily:

- Create a new waypoint, edit and modify a waypoint
- Create a new trip in adding an existing waypoint and labeling this waypoint in this trip as Port board or Star board depending on what is written in the Notice of Race.
- Delete a waypoint, delete a trip, edit a trip, modify a trip, save a trip
- Create and save waypoints and trips files on your PC to help you to manage your sailing database according to different sailing spot for example.
- Exchange waypoints and trips files with your friends.

Storage capacity of your SC will be up to 750 waypoints and 150 trips ( 10 waypoints per trip)!

Click here to open a screen shot of our development version of NauteekWaypointManager, which will be available in French and in English language of course!

The day of the race:

The new user interface of your SC and without any use of laptop, will also let you the flexibility you need in order to :

- Add a new waypoint because of the last update of the Notice of Race
- Modify a waypoint
- Modify a trip
- Create a new trip
- Save a waypoint to boat.

During the race:

Just fix your NAUTEEK on its bracket or on a flat panel of your boat and START the trip you need.
In a new Costal Race Menu will be displayed the following informations additively to the tactical informations you already have :

- Bearing to next waypoint
- Bearing Offset to the next waypoint
- Distance to the next waypoint
- Velocity to next waypoint

During all your trip, the name of the waypoint used for calculation will be displayed on a regularly way, as the side starboard or port board! You will also have all the data constantly under your eyes to make your tactical choice!

When you will reach your next waypoint and function of the proximity of this waypoint (you will be able to fix the proximity distance yourself), the waypoint will be automatically detected and the information displayed will now tell you about your future waypoint! You will also be able to force the waypoint detection just by pressing the MODE button!

Trust us to work on our best to provide you these new features before March 2008, and note that all SC devices purchased before March 2008 will be compliant to this innovative upgrade.

Feel free to tell us what features you would like to see from us in the future :
It is not too late!

NAUTEEK SC200 : a very clever bit of kit

10th of December 2007

Cathy Brown, from The tested recently our SC200. Thanks to her for this nice review!

SC200 Tech Review: here.

Paris Boat show, 1st to the 9th of December 2007

November 2007

Come and see our range of SC instruments presented on different boats exposed in the Hall 1. You will find them on the Bladerider, the Astus trimarans and many others.

The SC instruments will be available for purchase at the Paris Voile shop (booth C91, hall 1) where the Paris Voile team will be able to answer your questions.

You will also be able to find them at Nauticom (hall 2).

There will be a special offer for the duration of the Paris boat show.

Transat Jacques Vabre, splendid finish for the class40

27th of November 2007

Felicitations to Bruno and Nico!

They arrived in Salvador de Bahia on November the 27th in 23 days, 12 hours 57 minutes and 28 seconds at the average speed of 7.68 knots....

Remember, they were 2nd until the canarian islands and lost 14 places there. What a splendid finish anyway!

Thanks to Bruno to have chosen a NAUTEEK SC200 in complement of his onboard electronics for this transat!

The picture of their arrival: here.

The interview of Nicolas Pichelin (in French): here.

First track extracted from a NAUTEEK in the USA

27th of November 2007

Thanks to Sailing Sportboats for this first american track!

Track extracted from a NAUTEEK recorded during a recent race on Open5.00:

Chaffee island

Tactical GPS Unit Tech Review from Sailing Sport boats

17th of November 2007

NAUTEEK micro compass GPS displays are penetrating the USA market. Sailing Sportboats tested the unit last weekend. Here is their thoughts about it. Hang on!

Tactical GPS Unit Tech Review: here.

SC100 in the news

15th of November 2007

Click on the following links to view the articles:

- Bateaux magazine article, November 2007
- Voiles et Voilers magazine article, November 2007

The Bee650 is presented this month in Voile Mag. Particularly suited to the sailing program of this boat, the SC200 is now offered as an option by the boatyard.

Click on the following links to view the images:

- A SC200 on the Bee650, photo from Voiles Mag, November 2007

- Note the 2 dual lock strips on the preferred mounting position for the SC200, photo from Voiles Mag, November 2007

Quick start guide for GPS Action Replay

13th of November 2007

You have been many to ask us for this. You can now download a guide explaining the use of the free software GPS Action Replay that we recommend for reviewing your tracks.

You can find it here.

Gurvan Bontemps – Mathieu Marfaing in Tornado training at the ENV

13th of November 2007

Racing on the new bimare X4, they have just won the « Grand Prix de l'Armistice » in the F18 categorie. Nauteek after meeting them at the event has agreed to loan them a SC200 for the Tornado training at the ENV.

The SC200 will surely help them to make the most of their training giving them accurate speed info and the possibility to review their tracks while debriefing.

Light winds for the « Grand Prix de l'Armistice »

12th of November 2007

The organisation of the CVB has managed to validate the championship thanks to 3 races on the Sunday afternoon. Special thoughts for the Belgians teams that have travelled nearly 2000 kms sadly without racing has they decided to pack up at lunch time due to the lack of wind. A true passion for our sport.

As for the results: Francis Ferrari on a Bimare X2 takes a 2nd place in interserie (4,4,4). He was testing a SC200 for the first time. He said « Due to lack of time, we only used the speedo, compass and race timer functions that were great. »

Also worthy to note a fine performance of the Nauteek F18 boat which signs a 3rd place on one of the race.

All the results here

27th Méditeranean criterium: victory with a SC200 in the C1 class

5th of November 2007

Jean François Achille, owner of a SC200 and racing on a Ventilo 20 has won the mediteranean criterium. He had previously won the raid « Le Duc d'Albe ».

Transat Jacques Vabre, It has started!

3rd of November 2007

You can follow the progress of Bruno, Nicolas and their SC200 on Lord Jiminy in the Class40.

The blog of Bruno and Nicolas: here.

The official web site of the TJV: here.

The Nauteek team at Le Havre

1st of November 2007

We have gone to Le Havre to help Bruno and Nicolas with getting the boat ready and installing the SC200 and its software on the onboard PC. Below are a few shots of the boat.

Bruno and his SC200.

NAUTEEK partner of Bruno and Nicolas.

A photo of Lord Jiminy, Vecteur PLus - Groupe Moniteur.

The SC200 installed on Vecteur Plus - Groupe Moniteur.

Lord Jiminy winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre prologue

27th of October 2007

Leading from start to finish, Bruno Jourdren and Nicolas Pichelin with their SC200 have won in the Clas40 aboard Lord Jiminy.

Ex Aqua to distribute Nauteek GPS displays in UK

9th of October 2007

Imartec today announced that they have appointed Ex Aqua as their official importer and distributor for the United Kingdom. As part of the agreement, Ex Aqua will market and distribute the Nauteek SC100 and SC200 GPS displays in the United Kingdom.

The full news here.

Ex Aqua website.

European surprise 2007, a SC200 on the podium, 3 SC200 in the first 10!

8th of October 2007

37 boats competed in la Rochelle (France) from the 4th to the 7th of October during the European surprise championship.
Light winds prevailed and the sunday races have been canceled due to lack of wind.
Yet the fight for the win has been tough!

Note the participation of Damien Seguin who was doing the tactics on Allegretto, the surprise of swiss skipper Arnaud Gavairon. Equipped with a SC200, Allegretto finish 2nd! The system has been found very useful by the skipper during this championship.

Good results also of FRA34 of Yvon Salvadore, equipped with the SC200 of team mate Christophe Debard. Finsihing 6th overall, they displayed good regularity. They were already 2nd for the national Surprise championship in August.

Kawenn, and its team from Arcachon, equipped with a SC200 and flying the NAUTEEK colors, finish a nice 9th overall. The distance to the line functionality and the graphical displays of the wind shifts have proved very useful during this championship.

Well done to Luna of Patrice Helene, this local team wins this 2007 European Surprise Championship.

All the results here.

Damien Seguin - Damien Seguin World Champion in 2.4mR.

22nd of September 2007

Last week, Damien Seguin flew to the 2.4m world's in Rochester (US) with the intention to come back with the title.
A few days later, it is a done thing and the Paralympic Champion was really a cut above he rest of the fleet. Six wins and four second places for twelve races!!

A year before the 2008 Pekin Paralympic Games, he qualifies France as a represented nation and wins his ticket to Asia thanks to his results. Damien will then be back to the games with a strong will to keep his gold medal...

Damien Seguin has now left for Qingdao, China, in order to study the site that will be used for the games. Coming back from China, his training will resume and the 2008 season will be busy for him. Based on over the ground infos, his SC200 allows him to quickly get his marks on the water.

2007 world's results :
1 - Damien Sequin FRA 41 14 1 2 1 2 1 1 -10 -3 2 1 2 1
2 - Heiko Kroeger GER 28 36 (46q) 4 7 -17 2 3 5 2 1 2 1 9
3 - Thierry Schmitter NED 31 43 7 5 2 10 4 2 1 -14 4 5 3 (46q)

Damien uses two SC200 for training and he has declared: « This title conforts me in thinking that my equipment choices are right »

More details on:

Bruno Jourdren also qualifies France for the 2008 Pekin Paralympic Games in the Sonar Serie.

22nd of September 2007

Also present in Rochester, Bruno Jourdren qualifies France as a represented nation in Sonar for the 2008 Pekin Paralympic Games thanks to his 5th place.

Bruno is part of our team of sailors that test our products and help us bring new functionalities for the benefits of other racers.

Nauteek : present at the "mémorial Granchamp", on the 8-9 of Spetember at the CN ARES

3rd of September 2007

The 590, sailing boat of 5.90m, is a small boat that can be used for racing, leisure or small cruises.

Fun and easy, it is well suited to shallow waters. This design from the 60/70s has many hapy owners. Such that many boats are refitted in order to get a new life.

The class association is very dynamic and well represented in the Arcachon Bay where the 590 are raced all year round.

As par of the "Mémorial Granchamp" the 590 are meeting at the CN Ares and many fine sailors will be present.

Nauteek will also be there and you will be able to get a loan of a system, watch demos and discuss with te technical team.

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NAUTEEK technical partner of Damien Seguin

22nd of August 2007

Damien Seguin, gold medal at the Athenes 2004 JO, world champion IFDS 2005 in 2.4mR has chosen the SC200 as his training partner.

Damien is going to the USA for the qualification races for the 2008 Beijing paralympic games i 2.4mR.

Damien has an impressive sailing CV and and a strong experience. He has sailed on many types of boats such as laser, F18 catamaran, Miniji, 2.4mR... .

Follow his news on :

Bruno Jourdren, the skipper from Carantec, part of the NAUTEEK team

20th of August 2007

Bruno Jourdren, who is sailing on numerous types of boats such as: Melges (2004 French Champion and 7th at the 2004 worlds), Figaro, Class 40 is part of our technical consultants for a few months.

As part of his training, he is using a SC200 and gives us his feedback as a professional skipper.

He will leave for the USA on the 2nd of September for the 2008 Beijing paralympic games qualifying races in the Sonar class.

He will also race the transat Jacques Vabre on his Class 40 begining of November.

ESPOIRS AQUITAINS has chosen the SC200 for the Tour de France à la Voile.

20th of July 2007

Throughout July, about 30 Mumm 30 will race around France from the Channel to the Mediterranean.
ESPOIRS AQUITAINS, skippered by J-Philippe ALLILAIRE - Nicolas RADOT is 22nd overall and 8th in the amateur class.
The team from the Aquitaine region has accepted our offer to use a SC200 for the end of the Tour de France à la Voile. After a quick introduction to the system, Xavier declared:
« The product is nice, light and powerfull! The SC200 offers very interesting characteristics that we did not have aboard because of our tight budget. The distance to the line information will surely be useful for the end of the race. The ability of recording the tracks and reviewing them on Google Earth will also be helpful! The infos delivered by the SC200 will complement those from our current electronics."

You can follow the Tour de France à la Voile 2007 and the results of the ESPOIRS AQUITAINQ team on

3 SC200 on the podium for the 18h d'Arcachon !

4th of July 2007

The 18h d'Arcachon have gathered 143 boats for this 34th edition.
Amongst the competitors there were some serious sailors such as Yves Parlier, the Minos brothers, Jérome Dupin, Jean-Pascal Doursat and Franck Munier.

It is a strategic race where it is paramount to know how to use the currents and the tides.

In the end, the melges 24 FRA384 NAUTEEK gets overtaken in the final hours of the race by CUTTY TOU and finishes 3rd in its class and 3rd overall.

Two other SC200 have also raced and have finished first in their class:
- O'TOMATE, an Open 7.50 that was testing for us the SC200 who finishes first of its class and also first overall !
Well done to Francis, Benoit, Alexis and Bertrand!

- PEGASE, a 590 n° 73 skippered by Hervé Girardot, one of the early SC200 owner that had received his system the same day.
He finishes 14th overall and first in his class. The blue backlight of his SC200 made it easy to recognise him during the night !

Many thanks to Eric Limouzin, the team of the CVA and the volunteers!

All the results

Nauteek : Un new name in the tactical electronics sector.

11th of May 2007

Une young company from Biscarrosse (Landes) is starting in the marine electronics sector thanks to the help of OSEO and the Conseil General des Landes. Backed up by its experience as an electronic R&D company and its team of sailing enthousiasts, the first product of Nauteek, the SC200, has required more than 12 months of research and development and is now ready to be launched.

Waterproof, small (110x85x35mm), requiring no cabling, light (210g), the tactical multifunction display has up to 40mm high characters on its backlit graphical display.

t also offers racing orientatted functionalities such as: tactical compass, graphical display of true wind variation, distance to the starting line, VMG and a race timer. It is powered by a Lithium-Ion cell that offers 30h of autonomy and can be recharged in only 2h30..

It also has a 14h recording capacity, and the tracks can be transferred to your PC via USB to be reviewed on Google Earth or GPS Action Replay.

Designed for sportboats, dinghies and small keel boats, the SC200 will be launched at the HN French Championship in Cazaux.

SC 200 sailing electronic
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